Stack Them Up!

Saving Inwood’s Small Businesses | Inwood, NY

Columbia University, GSAPP, Urban Design Studio I, Fall 2020
Collaborators: Yunpeng Wu, Wanjing Zhang, Chinedu Adiele
Advisors: Nans Voron, Tami Banh, Ifeoma Ebo, Sagi Golan,
Austin Sakong, Noah Chasin

Since the approval of Inwood’s rezoning in 2018, there have been major protests from the community since it will introduce new market-rate development and displace residents. Retail spaces along the commercial U will be most affected due to a major typological shift from an area mostly populated with 1-story retail, to a street allowing mid-rise commercial buildings. This will not only increase rent, but will also change the urban form, where its cultural and economic DNA is rooted in. Stack them up is a counter-displacement strategy that incorporates both design of a modular system and a policy design which gives developers extra air rights in exchange for support for creating community space

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